As many of you do, I love Pinterest! It’s the online site of endless ideas and creativity for the home!

But as I have found, sometimes a “simple” project can be much more challenging, expensive, or overwhelming than the tutorial I watched led me to believe.That mixed with the desire to bring friends, sisters, families, coworkers,and even strangers together. Empowering them by offering a creative alternative form of entertainment birthed the idea of having a “Pinterest Party!”

A Pinterest Party is chance to get together and enjoy a break from the everyday to create something one of a kind specific to your taste and style. I provide the materials and supplies needed for the craft, eliminating the anxiety, challenges, and excess cost. The craft varies each time, offering something new and sometimes seasonal to create. Pinterest Parties are offered for adults or kids and can even be booked as a private event. The cost fluctuates according to the craft. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming parties, reserve your spot at a Pinterest Party through our online store, or contact us for further information!

School spirit wreaths
Wreath making at th Ranger College Fall Festival! 60 mini wreaths were made at that event!!
Halloween wreaths!
Elsa Paint party!