VIP Butterfly Membership

This is an up and coming opportunity to see how I do what I do! Get insider tips and more!

My most favorite thing I have had the privilege of doing in my field of retail, merchandising, and design is to solve my customers’ unique design challenges and problems by empowering them in their decisions and creative endeavors. Whether you are wanting to start making or selling your own creations, are starting a business of your own, or you just want to tackle your own insecurities and fears in your projects, or even if you just need help polishing them so they don’t seem as ‘homemade’, want help making decor choices in your own home, or you feel like you need an expert in your pocket to ask questions, I am here! With this VIP Butterfly membership is designed to offer up my tips, tricks, and expertise! With this monthly subscription you will have access to all of these things I have learned, behind the scenes on projects, and I will be available to answer questions and offer up advise!
Why you ask??? Lets face it technology has changed our world, there is so much information out there and as awesome as that is it is nice to have it filtered for us! (Am I right?) I went to school for Interior Design and have spent the last 15 years working for a number of different businesses large and small, all the while juggling being a wife, and the mother of two awesome boys. I have had to make the best out of what I could afford to make my home beautiful and cozy. Also had the privilege of helping others beautify their homes, businesses, and spaces and creating function as well. Each job, boss, and work environment I was in I tried to soak up as much knowledge I could so I could eventually start a small business of my own, which I have done from scratch. Though it hasn’t been easy, it has been rewarding. And MOST rewarding when I get to share a struggle or a story or even a helpful hint with someone who can relate or that I have had the opportunity to help in one way or another. So this is a new way I want to offer my gift, knowledge, and talents that I project will help you make strides in an area you want to grow!

More information is coming soon on how to join this VIP group so please stay tuned for more!!